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Wolff, Bregman and Goller was established by David Wolff in 1965, and expanded into the firm of Wolff, Bregman & Goller in 1972 when joined by Zwi Bregman and Gilbert Goller.  Subsequently, in 1996, the firm was joined by attorney Yosef Bregman, who assumed responsibility for the trademark and design practices at our firm and in 2008 the firm was joined by Jonathan Topper and Rachel Teitelbaum, Ph.D.

A leading firm in Israel, noted for its more than 35 years of experience in its interaction with the Israeli Patent Office, the practice deals exclusively with Patent, Design and Trademark matters including the preparation, filing and prosecution of Israeli applications of well-known European, North American and Far Eastern clients as well as the preparation, filing and prosecution of applications in Israel and abroad for clients based in Israel.

Advantageously located in Jerusalem, in the same complex as the Israel Patent and Trademark Offices, the firm enjoys a close working contact with Examiners and other Patent Office personnel.