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Overview of Trademark Protection
in Israel

A trademark is a distinctive sign associated with goods or services that identifies the source of the goods or services and distinguishes the source of the goods or services of one party from those of another.  A trademark is useful as a means of protection for an owner of the mark, by ensuring his exclusive right to incorporate the mark on certain goods, or associate the mark with services owned and operated by the holder of the mark.

The Application Process:

The filing requirements for a Trademark Application in Israel are quite straightforward.  If the Mark is a design mark, then 5 labels should be submitted. Reproduction of a design label, if not in colour, can be effected locally. The application can be filed with provisional labels, even those transmitted via e-mail or facsimile may be sufficient, and may later be replaced with good quality labels.  In addition, the application must include information regarding the Applicant, including full name and address, indication of the legal entity (i.e., a company, partnership, corporation, or private citizen). The State of incorporation or country of citizenship should be designated, as well.
The application should further contain a list of goods and/or services for which protection is sought. 
If the application is based on a prior application, whose priority is claimed, then information regarding the priority application must be supplied: namely, the country, application number and filing date of the priority application.
No forms need to be filled out by the Applicants(s). The only formal document required is a Power of Attorney.